Renu Bio Health Ltd is a firm that specializes in the research and development of All-Natural supplements and formulas. Our company was founded with a dream and a passion. We have a dream to spread information and product knowledge about Nutraceuticals around the United States, and eventually the globe. If more people knew about the incredible benefits of Nutraceuticals, we firmly believe more people would use them.

Our passion is for helping individuals just like you see the revolutionary benefits of Nutraceuticals like Phytogen and others. Renu Bio Health genuinely cares about the wellbeing of our customers. For this reason, we only source 100% authentic, organic, high-quality ingredients to develop our natural dietary supplement products.

Our Mission

We want to improve the quality of life for individuals across the globe. By promoting the brand of, “Royal Canadian” internationally, we seek to make our effective, natural food supplement formulas accessible to everyone. Our constant research and development are focused on providing natural dietary supplements to those who need them the most.

Our brand, “Royal Canadian”, is advancing the dietary supplement marketplace as a leader, and innovator. By addressing those health conditions that currently only have limited holistic options, we are delivering hope and salvation to those suffering from preventable ailments.

Our Values

At Reun Bio Health Ltd, transparency is a critical issue. We believe in making our processes visible to our customers so that they understand our commitments to authenticity, and quality. Our customers always come first. We never put profits over people. Because we hold our values in such high regard, the quality of our products always reflects this belief.

How Reun Bio Health Ltd is Solving The Problems of The Healthcare Industry

As a leader in the dietary supplements marketplace, Reun Bio Health Ltd is trying to reduce the individual dependence on harmful, and expensive prescription drugs.
In this way, Reun Bio Health is helping the healthcare industry become more holistic, and organic.

Globally, there is a lack of quality Health food controls.
The level of transparency that Reun Bio Health Ltd brings to the table is helping not only advance the western marketplace, but also the global marketplace as well.

Our History

The story of Reun Bio Health Ltd starts in 2001 with the development of our Neo-Calcium product. Since then, we have created another five projects that are systematically making the lives of people around the world better. You can view a timeline of the development of our projects below:

- 2001-2009: Nano-Calcium Project

- 2004-2010: Rapha Diet Project

- 2005-2009: Men Enhancement Project

- 2014-Present: Phyto Estrogen (Phytogen)

- Plan 

  Noni - Anti Cancer

  Eye, Brain 

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