What is Phyto-gen?

Phytogen is an incredible combination of plant extracts containing high levels of phytoestrogens.



- Effective Female Hormone Balancer

- NO Chemical Ingredients

- Authorized by Health Canada (NPN)

- Extracted from Linum

(containing the richest phyto-estrogen)



Lignan SDG (Linumusitaltissimum L)

*Standardized to 90% Lignans

- 1370 times Soy

- 2800 times Pomegranate

- 400 times Cynanchum wilfordii


Renu Bio Health Ltd. is proud to announce that our flagship product, Phyto-gen, is now available.
This all natural female hormone balancer is well known as an effective supplement.

What is Phytogen?

Phytogen is an incredible combination of plant extracts containing high levels of phytoestrogens.


Phytoestrogens are compounds naturally produced in certain plants that protect the human body from breast cancer, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and lowers postmenopausal effects.

The Phytoestrogens contained in Phyto-gen act in the same way as natural estrogen, and hormones. These organic chemicals have anti-aging properties and act to put the body’s hormone levels in equilibrium. Among the other more important benefits, Phyto-gen will also assist with eliminating wrinkly skin, bringing back your shining youthful skin tone.


Who Can Benefit from Phytogen

Studies have shown that Phyto-gen can have tremendous effect on minimizing the symptoms of menopause and helping the body to achieve homeostasis. However, Phyto-gen is not only for menopausal aged women. The wonders of Phyto-gen are for women of all ages who are suffering from:

  • Female hormone imbalance.
  • PMS
  • Menstruation Pain
  • Irregular Discharge
  • And much more

Our Phyto-gen is Made in Canada and is 100% guaranteed to be authentic, and organic. If you find yourself suffering from any of the above, or other hormonal imbalances, then try Phyto-gen today!


Why take Nutraceuticals?

75% of US adults take dietary supplements. This number is constantly rising. In 2009, it was estimated that only 65% of US adults reportedly took dietary supplements.

When we take age into consideration, 78% of adults over 55 take dietary supplements. As our diets and lifestyle habits bring about illness and disease, more and more individuals are turning to dietary supplements to get the essential nutrients they need.

In our commercialized society, you may find it hard to fuel your body with the proper foods. These effects can come in the form of hormonal imbalances, organ failure, immune deficiencies, and other serious issues.

Nutraceuticals like Phyto-gen stand as a way to deliver the vital nutrients you need to achieve proper homeostasis.


Who are the major consumers of Phyto-gen

Currently, women consume 6% more supplements than men according to market data. Does this mean that women care about their health more? Certainly not. Women take more dietary supplements than men because they have more complex internal systems that operate on delicate hormonal balances.


Phyto-gen helps to protect this delicate hormonal balance and serves as an all natural female hormone balancer.


Clinical studies have shown that women are more interested in preventative healthcare measures than men. Phyto-gen acts as a great way to protect your body from future illnesses. It’s high levels of immune supporting botanicals deliver long-term wellness and support for your system.


Your solution is Phytogen

If you have been searching for a natural female hormone balancer that helps you achieve a holistic homeostasis, look no further. The majority of consumers know that taking Phytogen is central to the health and wellbeing of daily life.

Health Canada's NPN means that Phyto-gen is 100% made in Canada, authentic, organic, and is only produced in certified, ethical laboratories.

 Female hormone imbalance is the root cause of many unwanted and unpleasant side effects. Instead of putting a band-aid on your problem by treating your side effects, address the root of the problem by using Phyto-gen to regain the hormone balance that will keep you healthy.

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